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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.

Nachtdichter (Poëzie Door Alex Deforce)

Brussels, monday 1 AM. Capital of a united Europe, its inhabitants separated by cultural spheres along lingual lines. Yet, in the back of a dimly lit pub they encounter one another surrounded by nocturnal buzz and the smell of skimpy beer. The night is a place where poets, authors and musicians dwell, in an attempt to leave everyday reality behind in favor of a universal nowhere in particular.

Nachtdichter (poet of the night) is the world of Victor de Roo, assisted by the words of Alex Deforce: “Meer naar café’s, ze gaan dicht zonder ons”.

Released January 14, 2019

Artwork by Louise De Roo 
Mixed by Pascal Pinkert
Mastered by Rude66
Lyrics by [Poetry] Alex Deforce
Music by Victor de Roo

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Picking up where his 7” left off, and with more room to play with on ‘Nachtdichter’, De Roo unfolds his sound along more lonesome, lofty lines with the chirruping tape nose and hushed downbeat delivery of ‘Gewoon’, before penning the kind of red-lit synth-pop we could imagine cropping up in a Gaspar Noé flick with the slick but brooding dungeon boogie of ‘Voorbenachte Rade’. On the other side, the artist’s Belgian synth heritage bleeds thru in the floating spectral figures of ‘Beland In Bed’, and the EP’s title cut regresses to a sort of smacked-out drone rock dirge recalling Clay Rendering as much as Pseudo Code.

Quietly unmissable, this.