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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.

Strapazen und Genesung

Geier aus Stahl is one of the many artistic guises of Leonard Prochazka. No superfluous elements take away from the core experience of his sound. Somewhere a statement from David Byrne crossed our path, able to highlight something of the essence of Leonard’s art: “No matter how alienated the subject or the singer might appear, the groove and its connection to the body would provide solace and grounding. But the edgy, uncomfortable stuff was still on the foreground”. The debut album ‘Strapazen und Genesung’ takes us to an exciting world that twists, squeaks and creaks, yet is grounded by an unmistakable groove.


All instruments and lyrics composed & performed by Leonard Prochazka. Besides bass guitar on „Unterland“ by Christopher Schulz. Recorded in Vienna, Austria and Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Mixed by Leonard Prochazka. Mastered by Sam Irl.
Frontcover Artwork by Jakob Krinzinger.
Design by Leonard Prochazka.

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One of the many musical projects of Leonard Prochazka, his first long player under this name, Strapazen und Genesung, brings together a plethora of interesting and unexpected sounds, from wave, trip hop and avant-garde to industrial and punk-tinged electronics, all underpinned by an innate groove.

Ransom Note

“Strapezen und Genesung” is an unmistakably throwback record (if someone told us it was recorded in 1983 we’d believe ’em) but Prochazka’s influences are from the top tier of cold wave electronics, industrial and vintage electro pop. There are few concessions made here, Prochazka’s clearly a keen listener, and combines bubbling analog synth FX with ruff cycling beatbox loops and precise kit drums (he was a drummer in a former life), tying everything together with his resonant vocals.