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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.



Reymour packed their bags in the pre-Alps of Switzerland and left to start a new life in Bruxelles. This debut album finds originates in this transition, again in a bilingual environment, by now a Knekelhuis theme. Leviosa documents the emergence of a kind of dance built from chansons, synthpop and cute minimal wave. Luc Bersier’s wide musical spectrum reaches great heights while staying small. He creates the musical bedrock on which Reymour’s cabinet of musical curiosities rests, allowing us to drift away on the unctuous fumes of Lou’s vocals. On these tracks she covers a wide array of feelings, of doubt, sexual orientation, play and melancholia. And it all comes together in the reflection of life. Close friend and family guy Low Bat contributes vocals and gameplay on 2 of the album’s tracks.

Artwork, Design [Editorial Design] – Structure Bâtons
Mastered by – Wouter Brandenburg
Mixed by – Michael Francey
Music by – Lou Savary, Luc Bersier
Photography by – Mika Baudoux

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Composed of real-life partners Lou Savary and Luc Bersier, Reymour carry forward this droll, automaton spirit, inflecting it with psychedelic dimensions of minimal wave, rolling bass and infectious guitar. Opening track ‘Le flot de ces Mots’ (The Flow of Words) contains oscillating sweeps and a steady, drum-machine beat. Detached vocals – conjuring the static of analogue radio – are eerily less expressive than the synthetic melody. Throughout, Lou’s voice rises like unctuous fumes, as hazy as cigarette smoke or oil on water. The distorted, bi-lingual lyrics of ‘Holly Mother’ crackle and dissipate into a cloud. Together with stoic percussion and a smooth, waltz-like rhythm, the song (at least to Anglophone-ears) brings to mind New Wave French cinema and chansons. Picture the irreproachable love interest in a Jean-Luc Godard film, set to a retro-futurist soundtrack. Or Édith Piaf with a Moog accompaniment.

The Quietus

Puckered synth-pop craft from Switzerland via Belgium; the sweetest confections of chanson vocals with chic minimal wave grooves, lots of piquant melody and ohrwurming hooks likely to attract fans of Nouvella Vague, Oï les Ox or Teresa Winter