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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.

Oak Corridor


Oak Corridor is the second full-length album from Newcastle, Australian duo Troth (Amelia Besseny & Cooper Bowman). It follows 2020’s warmly received album, Flaws In The Glass (Altered States Tapes) and 2021’s Small Movements In Radiance mini-album (Not Not Fun). While the same themes and intentions remain, this time Troth channel their ambient experiments into an environ located somewhere closer to minimal-wave and synth-pop.

While Oak Corridor is their most ‘song-based’ album to date, it continues the respectful treatment of natural themes found in their previous releases, further tying in elements of balance, truth, justice, humility, strains of mysticism from varied origins and an opposition to the encroachment of ill-advised development surrounding them in Newcastle (and Australia more broadly). The album is a truly collaborative affair and offers something of a sound-diary of the two’s relationship.

Mastered by Wouter Brandenburg
Design by Steele Bonus
Photography by Troth
Written by Amelia Besseny, Cooper Bowman

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Superb melange of effervescent synth-pop, dream-pop and shoegaze ambient styles from Troth, the duo of Altered States’ label runner Cooper Bowman and honey tongued Amelia Besseny for A’dam’s reliably anachronistic Knekelhuis – RIYL Maria Minerva, Teresa Winter, Oï les Ox, Tara Clerkin Trio, Orphan Fairytale


Oak Corridor heeft een hoger liedjes-gehalte dan de voorganger, waar je als luisteraar nog wel eens de weg kon kwijtraken in de ambient instrumentale soundscapes. Het duo trekt graag hun microfoon te voorschijn voor fieldrecordings in de bushbush van Australië. Door de hele plaat heen zitten kleine hints verstopt naar de natuur. Op ‘Forge Fabric’ fluit een vogel en blaast de wind door een windgong. Het zijn kleine, breekbare liedjes die zo zacht aanvoelen dat je er spontaan van op je tenen gaat lopen.