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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.

This EP is a document of modern contemporary music, containing future artifacts made by a selection of old friends and new faces. All of them deviate from what’s obvious, possessing the ability to be serene and mental at the same time. Their coming together here is a great opportunity to appreciate this kinship, while at the same time acknowledging what distinguishes them from each other in terms of sound and representation.

This is my testimony.

Mastered by Rude 66.
Artwork by Ani Eloyan. 

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All killer, no filler 4-way from Amsterdam’s Knekelhuis, turning out rugged, psychoactive dance music from Sabla, Patricia Kokett, Maoupa Mazzochetti, and Job Sifre 

Presented as a “document of modern contemporary music”, all tracks could have feasibly been made at any point between 1980 and now, which is pretty symptomatic of these flatland times, to be fair.

Up top, Sabla follows a pair of strong 12”s with Gang of Ducks and Disk with ‘Chant’, a haunting rhythm excursion focussed on pure rhythmelodic cadence and possessed by elusive electronic duppies. Patricia Kokett follows with ‘Luxor’, flipping the script of their slow and heavy ‘Diabel’ 12” with pulsating drums and dizzy hi-register squeal.

On the other side, Maoupa Mazzochetti works a tangy sort of Arabic, aerobic mysticism with the psychedelic spin and bump of ‘644 Beauty Marks’, and Job Sifre leans on the downstroke with the On-U Sound-esque ace, ‘We Are Monsters’.