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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.


On this long-awaited debut album Patricia Kokett continues his transcendent explorations. Built around a trip to the annual Nine Emperor Gods festival on the island of Phuket, Thailand, Bizarr is the sonic end result of an immersion into Thai ritual culture. The festivities and rituals of this so-called Vegetarian festival, which aim to give health and wisdom back to the community, inspired this beautiful, ecstatic collage of music, self-illuminating Kokett in the process. In this narrative of 6 long, stretched out songs, he conjures up an electrifying sense of catharsis and transcendence. An insert gathering in-depth liner notes about the artistic vision, the travels and the concept behind Bizarr will accompany this release.

Artwork By – Tetsunori Tawaraya

Liner notes – Gediminas Jakubka, Mark van de Maat, Nico Nijland
Mastered by – Wouter Brandenburg
Sleeve, Design, Photography – Aljoscha Sokolov
Written By – Patricia Kokett

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Neo-trance chug fuel from Knekelhuis’ Lithuanian space cadet Patricia Kokett

Slanted to an effortless 100bpm or so, somewhere between Vlad Ivkovic’s 33-not-45 Goan trance and OG Italian Afro-cosmic styles, ‘Bizarr’ glows with a fluoro nEuro soul in seven glyders executed in a style the artist self-describes as “Rituel Électronique ~ Hexen Tanz ~ New Trance”.

Our picks of the bunch come in the pendulous bout of intergalactic turbulence ‘Hexerrr’ with its showstopping breakdown, the churning layers of creamy Goan trance acid yoked back into ‘Bizarr’, and the cosmic nose drip tone of ‘Ekstase’, which should all nicely synch jaw and eyes to swivel into oblivion whenever the clubs reopen.


New on Knekelhuis is the latest rumblings from Patricia Kokett who has created Bizzar to represent sonically the cultures and festivities of Phuket, Thailand. The album contains six elongated pieces with a clear sense of transcendence inspired by an annual escapade to the resort. Life-affirming and soothing collages of sound. 

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