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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.

Virgin Of The World

For our next chapter, there is Parrish Smith. In his wicked game of creation and demolishment he’s working on combining organic and mental material which brings him to his first full-length EP. His melted personal stories convey through rough mechanics and exuberant expressionism. This tells the story of fulfilment, development and setbacks.

Mixing up illusional layers of metal drums with harsh and rough moving synthesis. Polyrhythmical electroniczzz for the mind.

Artwork by: Fenna Schilling & Parrish Smith
Mastering by: Rude66

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Parrish Smith’s ravishing début of EBM and hard electronics bubbles up on digital for those who missed it first time around.

A mutant antecedent to the likes of Tuning Circuits, Klinik, Hypnobeat, the Dutch artist really made his mark on the neo-EBM scene with Virgin Of The World, spelling out a uniquely grizzled take on classic mal-forms between the soggy acid and iron-cast drums of Stillness And Secrecy, the cranky no wave yank of Supra, and a trampling beast called Saviour As The False, with Seven checking out on a slithering downtempo flex strongly compatible with Jasss workouts.