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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.

Fine Corsa


Meo, pseudonym of Daniele Mei, is a cosmic dj from Rimini, Italy. Fine Corsa was his first record, released in 1985. In those days Meo was active in what was later considered to be the most famous Afro Dance Club in Italy: Melody Mecca. This release is an intensely creative hybrid of many styles and many colors. Even up until the present day this record continues to be very important in some preeminent European clubs. Now remastered by Brandenburg.

Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Producer, Programmed by Meo. 
Effects, Piano, Synthesizer by Tiziano Piazzi
Engineering by Tiziano Piazzi & Alberto Zerbini

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Knekelhuis pluck out a top shelf Italian cosmic disco obscurity for reissue with Meo’s ‘Fine Corsa’ [1985], delivering a taste of the sophisticated, syncretic styles played at Rimini’s Melody Mecca. Vibes for days on this one, but the shifty syncopation of ‘Monday’s Coma’ is worth the price of entry alone