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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.

Het Bestaan

Job Sifre is one of the guys bringing new blood into the Amsterdam scene. This is the follow-up to his recently released debut on the new Artifical Dance label, where he continues his path of solid EBM fueled electronix. The record ends with the gorgeous ‘At Least We Try’, showing of his more tripping, rhythmic side. Beautiful complementary artwork by Stefan Unkovic.

Artwork by Stefan Unković
Mastered by Ruud Lekx
Producer – Job Sifre

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Fitting somewhere in between Nitzer Ebb and Liaisons Dangereuses, the stunning title-track sets the tone straightaway, hybridising a powerful blend of EBM rhythms and entangled cold-wave’y synth strata, both melodic at heart and rugged at the edges. This is where Sifre’s sound flourishes – in the gap between frontally aggro percussive salvos and further refined harmonic lines, like blooming vetch growing upon the rusty flanks of some filthy factory columns – an invasive gorgeousness recapturing its crucial space over the ugly.

Still, behind the clanky – heavily oxidised appeal of his compositions’ foundations lies a rich alloy, built to withstand the heft of extremely intricate build-ups and deftly manoeuvred sequences aimed at extensive club use without ever feeling merely tool-worth, plainly functional but also strong-minded: ‘Zodiak’ is a perfectexample of that scopious range of capabilities, but sheesh… does it have guts!

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