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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.



EYE is back. Metamujer marks the third installment on the Knekelhuis label and we’re extremely happy to release this document of another chapter in Laurène Exposito’s life. Recorded on various locations ranging from the Swiss mountains to the chalky coasts of Brittany, Metamujer is an 8-track ode to salty love and closeness to nature, a tribute to a modest lifestyle à la Henry David Thoreau. Far from being praise for self-sufficiency, this new LP is deeply influenced by Laurène’s environment. We can hear Korg MS-10 created synthetic waves (Sanatorium) and birds (Luscinia), but one can also catch her singing in Italian, one of 3 languages spoken in her native Switzerland. Still minimalist and yet more aesthetically diverse, her new sounds are on the edge of EBM and synth pop, between classic minimal wave tunes and rustic ballads on acid.

Design, Producer, Vocals, Music by – Laurène Exposito
Mastered by – Wouter Brandenburg

Recorded and mixed between 2017 and 2019 at home in Geneva (CH) and Porspoder (FR).

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Metamujer follows 2017’s Cocktail Mexico and 2016’s Sabine and includes eight huge tracks that Knekelhuis tag as a collage of EBM, synth-pop and minimal wave that altogether make for some “rustic ballads on acid”. 

Samples from nature and classic films, as well as Exposito’s own sometimes biting, sometimes twee singing also make their way into the mix.

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Laurène Exposito returns with her EYE project, recorded in a number of locations around Europe and ruminating on living life in a minimalistic fashion. The eight tracks that constitute Metamujer see Exposito sing in Italian and add ever more elements into her sonic mix, which somehow remains as minimalistic as ever. 

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