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Releases music that demands your attention.

Releases music that demands your attention.

Cocktail Mexico


Lauréne Exposito is back with a follow up to her well received debut album from last year on Knekelhuis. This new record turned out to be very personal. Life changes and love’s stranges are central themes in all its shapes, sizes and colors. Still, hope takes centerstage. All tracks have been recorded at Lauréne’s home in the French Alps, using analog gear. Take a Cocktail Mexico and immerse yourself into her liberating new trip. This 10” comes with intimate inlay.

Mastered By – Ruud Lekx

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Hacking the local generator, Lauréne Exposito returns to Kneckelhuis with an impressive follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed debut. Recorded at Lauréne’s home in the French Alps, the four track 10″ delivers intimate, emotive content expressed through frenzied analogue gear.


Salty minimal wave dirges from Laurène Exposito aka Eye, dialled in from her Alpine base to Amsterdam’s Knekelhuis, presumably via some archaic switchboard where digital technology is sniffed at.

Like her debut album, Sabine, Eye’s follow-up is defined by her palette and personalised melodic sensibility,  coming out out four songs about “life changes and love’s stranges”, variously described in murky, subaquatic EBM with a sulphuric urgency on Yellow Density, or like Colleen’s sour twin on the bleeping dub noise fuss of Mucho Macho, whereas Cocktail Mexico catches a sweeter breeze sort of lo-fi electro, and the hazy weave of Go Forward.